Our company name "Neuvellaxe" was made by German word "Neu", French word "Nouvelle", and English word which means guitar and bass "Axe". We deal new useful and unique musical instruments, goods.
We are official distributer of the brands we deal.
So, if you have any question, please refer without hesitation.
And we export to wherever you want all of our items.
We have some items only for export.
If you are interested in distributing those items, please let me know your opinion.
We examine willingly.

Stainless steel frets
Stainless steel frets made in Japan. This frets are softer than usual stainless steel frets. So, it's easier to process. But it still keep enough hardness for damage by strings. We have some sizes, measurements.
Please ask us about more detail information.
Titanium parts
Guitar parts made by titanium. This material is light weight, very durable, and very strong for rust. The lineup is parts for guitar and bass bridge, neck rainforcement, trussrod, etc.
Regarding the neck rainforcement and trussrod, we accept your custom measurements depends on your request.
Please ask us about more detail information.
Japanese used guitars
Japanese used and new guitars.
If you look for any Japanese guitar, we export you it.
Even the used guitar, we try to find the one you want.